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Laser Wood Supplies

Ambrosia Maple Hardwood, 1/8 thick, perfect for laser cutting.

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Native to North America, Ambrosia Maple is a Soft Maple wood that has naturally occurring color streaks throughout.  These streaks can vary from grey to brown and are caused by a fungus deposited into the wood by the Ambrosia Beetle.  While the fungus infestation does not affect the integrity of the wood, it does make each piece unique in color.

Small pinholes can be found throughout the wood.  This is not a defect.  It is caused by the Ambrosia Beetle as it burrows into the wood.  

This Ambrosia Maple is perfect for laser cutting.  It is Kiln Dried and is 100% solid hardwood.  It has zero fillers, seams, or glue.  

Product measures (approx) 20in x 6in and is 1/8 thick.  We try to ensure that all boards are ready for use as is, but some may require minor sanding to remove tool marks or minor imperfections.  All wood products are unfinished.