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Laser Wood Supplies

3mm Baltic Birch Plywood sheets perfect for Glowforge/Laser Cutting

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19.75x11.75" Baltic Birch, 2 sided plywood with veneer core. BB/BB grade.  Works perfect with Glowforge, Mira, K40, Thunder laser, etc...


 Boards are cut 19.75" by 11.75" by hand. There may be very slight variations but they will be very close to the size listed. These boards fit perfectly within a Glowforge and cut/engrave perfectly.

WE USE THE FOLLOWING SETTINGS ON OUR GLOWFORGE PRO: Baltic Birch = Med Basswood ply (proofgrade setting). ***These settings are a good starting point for your Glowforge but may need to be adjusted to your specific machine/conditions.***

We have been using this wood for over a year and are very happy with the results. This wood is great for all your crafting needs: Glowforge Hobby laser Wood Burning CNC machine Sign Making etc.