Episode 2:  double sided hijinks :)

Episode 2: double sided hijinks :)

Welcome to this installment of “Alex talks wood” where I, Alex, talk about wood 🤣
(Episode 2)
Have you ever gotten a piece of double sided wood and been like, “What the hell. This isn't the same on the back”?
Did you think you got swindled?
Well, good news. You probably didn’t.
It’s just a natural product doing natural product things.
If you look at this photo, you’ll see that the piece on the left is super light compared to the right.
Guess what???
They are both walnut 😱
They actually come from the same piece of wood. See this picture? You can see the wood go from dark to light.
Yes, I know it’s 3 pieces. It was all the same strip, but I cut it before thinking of taking the picture.
Anyhow, this is why some pieces are different colors, even though they are both walnut (in this particular case).
Hope that helps.
Thank you for joining me for “Alex talks wood” 🤣

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