Episode 1:  A quick little story of why you should cover your wood.

Episode 1: A quick little story of why you should cover your wood.

Alex Talks Wood episode 1 (the OG one before I even titled them 🤣)
When storing your wood, I highly recommend stacking it in a giant Jenga Tower and putting a sacrificial piece on top, followed by some weight.
Why you ask?
2 reasons.
1: this method will help keep your wood from warping. wood, especially 1/8, will want to warp. Hell, you look at it wrong and it warps. This is because one side of your wood dries faster than the other side.
The top sacrificial piece takes one for the team and handles all the moisture, keeping all the wood under it nice and straight.
2: maintain proper color. Wood exposed to air can change color on you. No, it’s not sun damage. It’s oxidation caused by exposure to air. Keeping it in a nice stack will keep your cherry looking like cherry and your cedar looking like cedar.
Yes, sun exposure will also cause this issue, even more so actually. That’s why all finished products should be sealed with something that will help protect against UV.
And that concludes my Ted talk for today.
Come back soon if you like hearing about wood 😉
*** in the photo, left side is a piece of cherry. The right size came from the exact same strip, but is the back. It’s the side that was exposed to air for a few weeks because I forgot to cover it.
See the difference? This is not sun damage ***

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