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Laser Wood Supplies

Tigerwood Hardwood, 1/8 thick, perfect for laser cutting.

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Goncalo Alves, better known as Tigerwood, is native to Central and South America.  It has a medium-reddish brown color and can (but doesn't always) have black lines running throughout it.  The dark irregular patches in the product photos are not tool marks or defects, they are the natural black lines/patterns that can be in this wood.  NOT ALL PIECES WILL HAVE BLACK IN THEM.  Tigerwood has a slight oily feel to it, giving it a natural sheen.  

Because of the oil it gives off, it can be difficult to glue.  If using it for a project that requires wood glue, we recommend that you use denatured alcohol or something similar to wipe the surface prior to gluing.

This Tigerwood is perfect for laser cutting.  It is Kiln Dried and is 100% solid hardwood.  It has zero fillers, seams, or glue.  

Product measures (approx) 20in x 6in and is 1/8 thick.  We try to ensure that all boards are ready for use as is, but some may require minor sanding.  All wood products are unfinished.