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Laser Wood Supplies

Sycamore Hardwood, 1/8 thick, perfect for laser cutting.

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Native to the Eastern United States, Sycamore is similar in color to Maple.  What makes this wood unique is the "freckled" appearance it gets on Quartersawn surfaces.  It resembles a light version of Lacewood or Leopardwood.  

This Sycamore is perfect for laser cutting.  It is Kiln Dried and is 100% solid hardwood.  It has zero fillers, seams, or glue.  

Product measures (approx) 20in x 6in and is 1/8 thick.  We try to ensure that all boards are ready for use as is, but some may require minor sanding to remove tool marks or minor imperfections.  All wood products are unfinished.