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Laser Wood Supplies

African Mahogany Hardwood, 1/8 thick, perfect for laser cutting.

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African Mahogany comes from the tropics of western Africa.  This is very similar, and sometimes confused, with its relative, Sapele.  African Mahogany starts off as a light reddish brown when its first cut but will deepen to a darker red or brown as it ages.  

This African Mahogany is perfect for laser cutting.  It is Kiln Dried and is 100% solid hardwood.  It has zero fillers, seams, or glue.  

Product measures (approx) 20in x 5.5 and is 1/8 thick.  We try to ensure that all boards are ready for use as is, but some may require minor sanding.  All wood products are unfinished.

This is the only one of our Hardwood products that is 5.5 inches wide.  When possible, we will source and send 6in wide pieces at no extra cost, but please be aware that this listing is for 5.5 wide.