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Laser Wood Supplies

1/8 Poplar Plywood / Poplar for laser cutters

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Poplar can range in color from a creamy white to a dark greenish brown to an almost gray.

We try and carry mainly dark poplar with green tones.

if your searching for a creamy off white color, we recommend maple.


Boards are cut 11 3/4" by 19" by hand. There may be very slight variations but they will be very close to the size listed. These boards fit perfectly within a Glowforge and cut/engrave perfectly.

We have been using this wood for over three years and are very happy with the results. This wood is great for all your crafting needs: Glowforge, Hobby laser, Wood Burning, CNC machine, Sign Making, etc.

RECOMMENDED SETTINGS: Poplar= Med Basswood ply (proofgrade setting). These settings are a good starting point for your Glowforge but may need to be adjusted to your specific machine/conditions. 

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